10 Areas In Dubai Where Millionaires Like To Buy Properties In

10 Areas In Dubai Where Millionaires Like To Buy Properties In
10 Areas In Dubai Where Millionaires Like To Buy Properties In

In the last few years, Dubai has emerged as one of the best destinations to invest in properties. One of the reasons behind the real estate market in Dubai witnessing a boom is people with deep pockets investing in it.

When an individual has a lot of money or resources at their disposal, they do not think twice before investing in a premium property that offers a lot of value. While looking for properties for sale in Dubai, millionaires do not check the price tag attached to them. Quality, aesthetics, design, location, and resale value are some of the factors they consider while investing in a property in Dubai.

Location has been a key factor for millionaires investing in both residential and commercial properties in Dubai. If a millionaire is planning to buy a residential property, they would want to acquire one in an area where they would get access to luxurious facilities and amenities. When a millionaire plans to acquire a property for commercial reasons, they would look for areas where businesses are known to flourish.

Here are 10 of the most popular areas in Dubai where millionaires invest in properties in Dubai:


Za’abeel is one of those areas in Dubai that has seen a lot of development taking place in recent years. Located in the center of the city, Za’abeel was always renowned for having a strong sense of cultural heritage. In the last few years, the area has carved out a niche for itself by serving as the base for some of the most modern developments taking place in the city. Because of the recreational options offered by it, the area is very popular among tourists as well.

Al Barari

There are areas in Dubai that are known for offering an eco-friendly community to its residents. If a millionaire looks for one such area to buy a property in, a real estate agency in Dubai would direct them to Al Barari. The area is characterized by lush green landscapes and assures its residents of a serene environment. This is one area in Dubai that offers the calmness of nature and the comfort of modern luxuries.

Palm Jumeirah

One of the areas in Dubai where millionaires are investing in both residential and commercial properties is Palm Jumeirah. Along with its residential towers, Palm Jumeirah is known for featuring a variety of premium restaurants and hotels. Setting up a food business or a hotel in this area proves to be a profitable investment for most people. By collaborating with a good real estate agency in Dubai, you can get a property in this area at a good price.

Jumeirah Golf Estates

Several millionaires from different parts of the world are interested in Jumeirah Golf Estates owing to the gorgeous villas in this area that overlook well-designed golf courses. Along with their contemporary architecture, these villas are known for their spacious layouts. While living in a property based in Jumeirah Golf Estates, one looks forward to being surrounded by greenery and having access to luxurious facilities.

Business Bay

Despite many structures still being constructed in this region, Business Bay has emerged as one of the major business districts in Dubai. The area is known for its stunning skyscrapers. Millionaires, who are interested in carrying out business operations in Dubai, look for properties for sale in this area. Business Bay also serves as a testimony to the futuristic vision the government of UAE has as far as infrastructure and business are concerned.

City Walk

When a millionaire wants to move to Dubai with their family and is looking for a family-friendly area to settle down in, City Walk is one of the areas they zero in. One can choose from a variety of residential properties in this area. City Walk is known for being a vibrant area comprising shopping malls, theatres, play areas, and boutiques. Since there are many outdoor spaces in this area, families keep visiting it.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is one of the most developed areas in Dubai boasting more than 200 residential towers. In all these residential towers, one can witness the presence of all the modern amenities and facilities including swimming pools, sports courts, gymnasiums, playgrounds for children, and BBQ restaurants. The residential towers in this area serve as a great example of urban design and attract global investors in large numbers.

Jumeirah Beach Residence

While making a list of some of the most vibrant areas in Dubai, one cannot help but mention Jumeirah Beach Residence. In the last few years, Jumeirah Beach Residence has become a hub for both residential and commercial projects. The area features as many as forty towers which are segregated into six different clusters. One can have a good look at the Arabian Gulf while residing in this area.

Dubai Hills Estate

The presence of luxurious villas and the fact that it is located in the center of the city attracts a large number of global investors to Dubai Hills Estate. The villas in this area feature an exquisite blend of elegant designs, contemporary architecture, and modern amenities. After buying a villa in Dubai Hills Estate, one can expect to live lavishly. From three-bedroom structures to six-bedroom villas, one gets a lot of options to choose from while buying a property here.

Downtown Dubai

Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Fountain, Dubai Opera, KidZania Dubai, and Buhayra Lounge are just some of the many landmark structures located in Downtown Dubai. Because of all these attractions, you see a large number of tourists in Downtown Dubai. That, of course, does not mean that you do not get adequate privacy while living here. The area also features some of the best cafes and rooftop bars in the city.

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