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Falcon Premier Real Estate is the best agency specializing in all types of property transactions in Dubai. Built on values and tradition, we are a top real estate agency in Dubai, UAE. We have a full range of real estate agents in Dubai and the UAE. You can count on our real estate experts to make your apartment-hunting experience a memorable one.

Falcon Premier Real Estate offers you a chance to find some of the best villas, apartments, and penthouses in some of the finest neighborhoods in Dubai that mirror refined elegance. We have also designated for those interested in them, exclusive and confidential listings that are held by our outstanding estate agents. It matters not that you are searching for beach accommodation or superior waterfront accommodation, we have your rightful fitting with us. Our clients have needs for real estate purchase and we are among the leading companies that serve those needs.

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There are many reasons why you should get a property with our real estate company in Dubai. Living in Dubai can mean being a part of history and luxury. One of the main reasons to invest in property in Dubai is its strong currency. Additionally, the UAE offers tax incentives to its citizens. You earn good returns with these tax incentives.

Most people prefer to invest in the Dubai property market because of its world-class healthcare facilities. The city is a good choice for your health and well-being as it has good hospitals and medical facilities. Moreover, Dubai’s strategic location attracts many real estate investors.

With a variety of services, from property rental to selling and buying

We are fully aware that buying your dream home can quickly become complicated in Dubai. That’s why our real estate experts work alongside you to understand your preferences. Based on your requirements, we will help you buy the perfect property. Our real estate company believes that home and living are always entwined.

Each property listing on our portal is situated in a neighborhood that aims to simplify your lifestyle. Our knowledgeable agents are always eager to help you discover the hidden gems in Dubai’s competitive property market. If you are moving to Dubai for the first time, contact the experts of Falcon Premier real estate at the earliest. Experience how we help you find your dream residence in Dubai.

Huge collection of popular commercial and residential properties

Dubai is also one of the most attractive property markets in the UAE. This is why it is appropriate that the seller and buyer can now enjoy what Falcon Premier Real Estate has to offer. We provide our clients with a wide range of commercial and residential properties, most in demand in Dubai. Our trained RERA property experts are focused on customer-oriented and professional standards.

A full-service property broker, Falcon Premier Real Estate, can help you navigate through the entire process of acquiring, buying, or selling a house in Dubai. You will have a precious chance to invest your money in the best land plots if you decide to cooperate with us.

Start your property search today

Since we are the best real estate company in the UAE, we can place your property up for sale and assist you get a favorable price. You will find it extremely challenging to dispose of your property if you are new to the market in Dubai. With a team of professionals, Falcon Premier is competent and knows how to sell your Dubai house at an attractive price. As a Real Estate agency, we have been working for years and know how complex the situation is.

We know all aspects involved with the buying and selling of properties in Dubai. In almost all cases, whether legal issues or assessments of the value of real estate, our professionals can assist you. It is only our expertise to help you properly decide. The real estate experts are always mindful that you get the best price for your sales. In addition to that, we also have detailed listings of properties that include rental and sale options.

Our company is a leader in the real estate field in UAE, we have the best real estate agents and also have effective negotiation skills. In their dealings with sellers and buyers, they have perfected negotiate. Contact us today to ensure that you get the best pricing on your property.

Exclusive listings, prime locations

After our real estate agency has sold your property, they will provide extensive post-sale support to the buyer. It helps them make a smooth transition to their new home. As one of the top real estate companies, we can help buyers to handle necessary registrations. Moreover, our agency also has the expertise to oversee the post-sale legal requirements. If you are dealing with property transactions in Dubai, don’t forget to enlist the services of our company.

Invest in Your Dream Property in Dubai with us

As one of the top real estate companies, we assist our clients in investing in their desired land and houses in Dubai. Regardless of the area that you would like to invest in – Business Bay or Palm Jumeirah – we always have the best options for you. As they have no income tax and property tax, your investment can be easily sustained without heavy tax pressure. We are one of the top real estate companies acting on behalf of foreign investors and nationals to invest in Dubai’s booming real estate market. Our agents have enormous experience in helping people invest their money at the right places where they can get the most return from investment. If it is only returns you wish for, Falcon Premier Real Estate immediately.

As one of the best companies, we are one of the best in real estate because of our ability to remain relevant by being updated. We monitor the trends that are unfolding so that we can present our clients with affordable options. The primary focus of Dubai today is on green buildings. Such buildings will yield higher returns in the long term.

Rely on our agents for property inspection

Pre-purchase inspection is an important stage of selling your property in Dubai. The agents at Falcon Premier Real Estate can arrange for a pre-purchase inspection to ensure that you can sell your home in a hassle-free way. It also helps you to be transparent with the buyer. Pre-purchase inspections are invaluable in identifying any issues with the property. With Falcon Premier Real Estate, your real estate deals in Dubai are indeed a profitable venture. Our real estate specialists can help with your needs and answer any questions you may have.

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