UAE Secures Spot in Top 10 Global Residential Property Investment for 2024

UAE Secures Spot in Top 10 Global Residential Property Investment for 2024
UAE Secures Spot in Top 10 Global Residential Property Investment for 2024

If the Housearch Investment Index is to be believed, interested investors should contact the best real estate agency in the UAE to find profitable properties in the country and invest. The experts at Housearch believe that the year 2024 will see the United Arab Emirates emerge as one of the best Property Investment markets. They have ranked 50 markets based on rental returns, security, and stability. The UAE has entered the list of top 10 countries offering the best real estate investment opportunities one can have at the moment.

Read on to learn more about Housearch’s findings. You will also learn why it would be a great idea to contact the best real estate agency and plan an investment in the country.

UAE and Its Competitors in the Global Real Estate Market

The first edition of the Housearch Investment Index has picked the UAE as the 5th most profitable real estate market in the world. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th positions on the index have respectively been grabbed by Ireland, Cyprus, Oman, and Qatar. The other four nations that have found a place in the top ten are Malta (6h), Costa Rica (7th), Georgia (8th), Armenia (9th), and Bulgaria (10th).

Housearch has made Ireland the topper primarily due to the country’s ability to produce high rental yields at significantly lower risk. The ratio remains impressive even after deducting the tax imposed on rental income.

Gulf countries seem to dominate the list particularly due to the reliability and stability they offer to real estate investors. These are qualities the property markets in North America and Europe are lacking at present.

According to a Housearch spokesperson, the UAE (mainly Dubai) has been a property investment haven for foreign investors for a long time. The primary reasons behind it include the luxurious properties you will find in this part of the globe. Additionally, overseas investors appear to be in love with the business environment of the UAE and its favourable tax regime.

According to the Housearch experts, Brexit has spoiled the appeal of London’s property market. The UAE, on the other hand, changed for the better during this time. It has become home to a series of flourishing start-ups and thousands of high-net-worth individuals. These changes have automatically made the properties in Dubai and its surrounding area more lucrative.

Why Should You Consider Investing in Properties in the UAE?

The section above must have helped you to understand why Housearch has picked UAE as one of the top 10 places for investing in real estate. This section will discuss the most crucial factors responsible for making UAE a haven for real estate investors.

The Tax Rules:

The UAE is a country known for its tax-free status. Here, you will not need to pay property taxes, capital gain taxes, or income taxes. This characteristic of the country allows both individuals and companies to earn maximum profits from their properties without worrying about paying high taxes.

Booming Economy:

The post-pandemic era has been remarkably good for the UAE’s economy. According to economists, it has been possible because of the advantageous location of the country and the pro-investment policies it has.

The rising economy of the UAE has attracted top businesses and wealthy individuals from all parts of the world to do business in the country. A significant increase in demand for real estate properties is the most obvious effect of this economic expansion. This rising demand has resulted in a notable growth in the construction of luxury residential and commercial properties followed by their profitable sale.

Stable and Safe City Life:

Dubai, the most sprawling city in the UAE, is famous for being highly stable and safe. Dubai’s crime rate is incredibly low, which creates a perfect setting for investors.

Other than that, the local government has taken significant steps to ensure that both visitors and residents remain safe and secure. These include CCTV surveillance, strict laws, and a keen and active police force.

Robust Rental Market:

The rental segment of the country’s real estate market is pretty lucrative, which automatically makes it a perfect investment destination.

The increasing population of the country and the constant arrival of expatriates have led to a significant increase in the demand for rental properties. So, you can expect to earn a sizeable rental income if you rent out your commercial spaces, villas, or apartments in the country.

Competitive Prices:

UAE’s real estate market greets potential investors with competitive prices. So, there are enough investment opportunities available for those looking for affordable deals.

For instance, the average per-square-foot rate for properties located in prime locations in Dubai hovers around $620. Properties in similar locations in other big cities like London and New York are available for per-square-foot rates of $2,000 and $1,900, respectively.

Types of Investment Properties One Should Buy in the UAE

If you are looking to buy a property in Dubai, you must consider the following to ensure that your investment is a profitable one:

  • Interest rates
  • The location of the property
  • Its floor area and size
  • The property’s condition and quality
  • The property’s location infrastructure (medical facilities, educational institutions, stores, etc.) and its access to various public transports
  • Maintenance costs of the property

Some of the properties you can look to invest in are:

  • Residential properties like villas, townhouses, flats, and studios
  • Commercial properties like retail premises, warehouses, offices, etc.
  • Hotel flats

If you are interested in properties that are located in areas having developed infrastructure, you should go for finished properties. Such properties will also allow you to make immediate profits as you will not need to wait for the construction to be completed before renting them out. Additionally, statistics suggest that completed properties generate more stable rental returns.

However, buying under-construction properties also has some advantages. They are usually much cheaper than the finished ones. What’s more, there are high possibility that their value will increase significantly by the time the construction is complete. Unfinished properties require buyers to make an initial payment of 5 to 10%, while finished ones demand an initial payment of at least 25%.

Final Words

For maximum profit, you must buy property in Dubai and other parts of the UAE with assistance from a trusted real estate agent. Also, do your research well before investing.

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