Townhouses vs Villas: Notable Differences One Should Know

Townhouses vs Villas: Notable Differences One Should Know
Townhouses and Villas

Both townhouses and villas have risen to popularity as a residence option in the last decade. This article explores some notable differences between the two for buyers to have more clarity when deciding their future accommodation.

If you’re interested in real estate property, you might have come across numerous housing options by now. Particularly, citizens residing in the UAE are overwhelmed by a lot of living alternatives. For families belonging to urban and suburban areas, two noteworthy options are townhouses and villas, and choosing between the two can be quite a task.

If you too, are in a similar fix, this article has narrowed down some key features that differentiate between a villa and a townhouse to help you make an informed decision for your future residence. Keep reading ahead to know more.

What Is a ͏Townhouse? 

Townhouses have risen in popularity as a choice of residence enormously in the past few years, which is why buying a townhouse in Dubai might be the perfect choice for you. To sum it up briefly, a townhouse is a house that shares a wall with another house.͏ It is usually constructed in units, with one house beside the other. Houses͏ usually share at least one common wall with the adjacent unit͏, even though they are independently owned residential plots.

Therefore,͏ one can say that the distinguishing feature that sets townhouses apart from other residential options is that they are connected units of single-family homes. Townhouses can be single-footed, although townhouses with more than one floor are more common, with a focus on a well-built ͏terrace.

Why You Should Consider a Townhouse as a Residency Option 

While townhouses have been a staple option for people in the UAE for a while now, real estate companies in Dubai still suggest them as one of the best housing types, especially for young families. Take a look at some unmatched pros of a townhouse and why it’s preferred by so many youngsters looking for accommodation.

  • Townhouses are more affordable than almost all other types of housing options, including villas.
  • They are usually a part of a bigger complex, which means you get to have a lot of neighbors in the area.
  • Townhouses require ͏lesser maintenance than bigger, detached, single-family houses.
  • They offer much better space and complexity than certain housing options, such as high-rise condos.
  • Due to living inside a community, you get access to better safety and security than houses or villas located in isolated areas.

What Is a Villa? 

Another quality housing option for families, villas are luxuriously built family-oriented houses͏ usually located in residential communities, very similar to townhouses. However, it is worth noticing that villas are detached, standalone houses that offer a premium living experience. Additionally, due to increased housing area, villas are far more expensive than townhouses, flats, or condos.

Villas are one-story buildings and are equipped with luxurious amenities like patios, front yards, gardens, swimming pools, etc. Moreover, these houses are usually more common in suburban areas than in busy, bustling cities. They are also a popular housing option for families looking for accommodation on a vacation.

Reasons to ͏Consider Villas͏ as a Residency Option 

Residing in a villa is a long-awaited ͏dream of many families in the UAE, ͏since͏ they are the definition of luxury and comfort. Real estate companies in ͏Dubai state the following pros of premium villas when offering residency options to their customers.

  • Villas are built inside premium, ͏gated communities, strictly closed inside fences and walls. This makes them a safer and more secure living alternative.
  • Since villas are standalone and detached houses, they offer a lot of privacy that families are usually demanding for.
  • Villas are one of the most spacious options for living and provide an increased standard of living than any other residency alternative.
  • For residents who are looking to sell their place in the future, villas offer a high resale value.
  • Luxury villas in UAE are often located in scenic landscapes͏ that fill your breath with rejuvenation every day.

Key Differences Between Townhouses and Villas 

If you are confused about which housing option to choose for your next home, below are some key factors that distinguish a villa from a townhouse. Keep in mind that both these options have their own set of pros and cons, and ultimately it is your requirements and preferences that must shape your final decision.


Naturally, when it comes to living space, villas are far more spacious and roomier. Additionally, villas are also equipped with gardens, meadows, and yards that offer a gorgeous view of nature. Villas are also built with a lot of parking spaces, balconies, and terraces. Since villas are usually located in suburban areas, they offer ample space with aesthetically pleasing views.

On the other hand, while townhouses don’t offer huge gardens or yards, they offer more than enough living space for a family. Townhouses can also incorporate basements and multi-floors to make up for the extra space offered by villas.


While the cost depends upon several other factors such as location, area, amenities offered, community, etc., the cost͏ of a townhouse is a lot lower than that of a villa. This can be attributed to several reasons such as size and space, land cost, construction costs, etc.

Additionally, townhouses also have a lower maintenance cost than villas. This is mainly because villas require huge costs for maintenance of amenities like ͏gardens, pools, etc. ͏


Lastly, the most important difference between the two housing options is the way they are constructed. Buyers must keep their preference as a priority and note that townhouses and villas are constructed for two different audiences. Townhouses are suitable for budget-oriented, small families who are looking for a friendly neighborhood.

On the other hand, villas are generally opted for by families who are looking for luxurious bungalows in suburban areas and have a flexible budget. Villas are detached houses, whereas townhouses are part of societies, complexes, and colonies where each house shares a wall with the other.

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