‘Female’ Burj Khalifa: Here’s What You Can Expect From Dubai’s Next Architectural Marvel

‘Female’ Burj Khalifa: Here’s What You Can Expect From Dubai’s Next Architectural Marvel
Female' Burj Khalifa

Dubai’s ‘Female’ Burj Khalifa: Emaar’s Next Marvel. Dubai and architectural marvels are synonymous with each other. While a real estate company in Dubai would vouch for this, this is also something you realize when you set foot in the city. The city is known for serving as the base for some of the stunning architectural structures in the world including Burj Khalifa, Cayan Tower, Dubai Opera House, Emirates Towers, Burj Al Arab, Museum of the Future, and the Opus. Many of the architectural designs conceived in Dubai have become the guiding light for architecture based in different parts of the world.

A recent announcement made by Emaar Properties has made people based in the city look forward to another architectural marvel being put up. Mohamed Alabbar, who happens to be the founder of Emaar Properties, spoke about the company’s plans during the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival. The founder spoke about laying the foundation for the Female Burj Khalifa, which is expected to be a symbol of architectural sophistication.

The Female Burj Khalifa will be constructed at the Dubai Creek Harbour. Initially, the company had planned to build a towering structure that would have been characterized by its height. However, with time, the plans formulated by the company underwent significant alterations. Now, the priority of Emaar Properties is to put together a structure that would symbolize architectural finesse and elegance.

What Will It Offer?

As per the company, this architectural marvel would also solidify Dubai’s current identity as an economic and cultural hub. While addressing the crowd at the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival, Mohamed Alabbar stated that the Female Burj Khalifa would, in a lot of ways, reflect the ethos of Dubai. The city is known to be a seamless blend of traditional values and innovative practices and the structure would reflect the same.

While delivering his speech at the festival, Alabbar stated that Emaar Properties has always worked towards creating buildings that, apart from becoming landmark structures, contribute towards elevating the ‘aesthetic appeal’ of Dubai. He further stated that the structure would have a combination of modern elements and timeless features.

The Dubai Creek Harbour being chosen as the destination for this structure should prove to be a very good idea. The Dubai Creek Harbour is one of the most prominent waterfront destinations in Dubai and is much bigger than several other destinations in the city including Downtown Dubai.

For years, the Dubai Creek Harbour has served as a symbolic representation of the city’s drive towards adding new dimensions to leisure, luxury living, and commerce. Once the construction work for the Female Burj Khalifa is completed, the Dubai Creek Harbour will gain further prominence and solidify its reputation as the ultimate destination for businesses, residents, and tourists.

What Can One Expect?

As soon as the announcement about the Female Burj Khalifa came through, it created a sense of excitement not just in the minds of the residents of Dubai but also among people living in different parts of the world who like to visit Dubai. Once the structure takes its final shape, one can expect architects based in different countries to try to replicate the design or create something similar.

Till now, Emaar Properties has not shared crucial details about the project. However, residents, investors, real estate experts, and architecture enthusiasts are quite certain about the fact that this structure will play an important role in the evolution and growth of Dubai’s skyline. All the projects helmed by Emaar Properties so far have served as a testimony to the fact that its architectures and designers have an eye for detail and do not leave any stone unturned to ensure the projects they deliver reek of perfection.

Architectural Marvels Dubai Is Known For

While there is some time for the Female Burj Khalifa to come up, there are many other architectural marvels that make visiting Dubai worth your time and money. These structures serve as a bright example of the fact that the developers in Dubai have a vision that is modern and futuristic. Along with their exquisite designs, these architectural marvels are also known for standing the test of time.

Burj Khalifa

Before the construction work on the Female Burj Khalifa is completed, you have the opportunity to marvel at the beauty of the original Burj Khalifa. The magnificent structure has several important records to its credit. Apart from being the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa features the highest number of stories for any building existing in the world. The world’s tallest service elevator, too, is installed inside the building.

Because of its many unique qualities, Burj Khalifa attracts a large number of tourists every day. One of the most vibrant activities taking place inside the structure is the largest light and sound show in the world. The design of the tower is credited to Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill or SOM, who have also been responsible for designing several other architectural marvels like the One World Trade Center based in New York City and the Willis Tower based in Chicago.

Cayan Tower

Cayan Tower, also referred to as Infinity Tower, is one of the landmark structures in Dubai which was completed in the year 2013. In the last decade, the structure has received a lot of attention globally, with many experts describing it as one of the best architectural structures to have come up in the last several years.

Before the construction process started, the design and architectural team worked towards putting together a construction plan to ensure the structure would be able to endure the force of different external elements. The rooms inside the tower feature metal panels which ensure that people do not get affected by sunlight directly.

The Frame

The Frame, also referred to as Dubai Frame, can be best described as an observatory or monument based in Zabeel Park in Dubai. No other frame-like structure in the world is as large as this one. The structure is 150.24 meters long and 95.53 meters wide. As an observatory, the Frame offers a panoramic view of old Dubai.

The idea for a structure like the Frame came to Fernando Donis, a reputed architect from Mexico who has put together several renowned architectural structures over the years. Hyder Consulting was the company that took the onus of completing this project and delivered it in 2018. A variety of materials including glass, aluminium, steel, and reinforced concrete have been used in constructing this structure.

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