Emaar’s Top Performing Master Communities: A Gateway to Success for Investors and End Users

Emaar’s Top Performing Master Communities: A Gateway to Success for Investors and End Users
Emaar's Top Performing Master Communities A Gateway to Success for Investors and End Users

Emaar’s Top Performing Master Communities in Dubai, When completed by 2028, Burj Azizi will be the second-tallest tower in the world, surpassing Malaysia’s Merdeka 118, which stands at 679 metres. The Princess skyscraper in Dubai Marina is the third-tallest in the city, reaching a height of 413 metres.

At 828 metres, the Burj Khalifa has held the title of the world’s tallest structure and Dubai’s tallest for the past 14 years. If you are considering investing in these new off plan projects, you need to know a few facts.

An Overview of Burj Azizi

According to UAE-based private real estate developer Azizi Developments, construction on Burj Azizi Dubai, the second-tallest structure in the world, has begun. This tower is currently under construction and will be situated across from the World Trade Centre on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, close to other important monuments.

The 1.5-billion-dollar Burj Azizi is anticipated to be finished in 2028. From the beginning of planning, it has been intended to become a significant feature of Dubai’s skyline and a draw for visitors, locals, and residents.

A Facts to Know About Burj Azizi

Burj Azizi will not rise higher than 828 metres, as Burj Khalifa will continue to be the world’s tallest structure. Nevertheless, it must be taller than Merdeka 118 in Malaysia, which is currently the second-tallest structure in the world, at 679 metres.

Burj Azizi must be higher than the Emirate’s second- and third-tallest structures, which are situated in Dubai Marina, to maintain the comparison within Dubai. Marina 101 and Princess Tower are the tallest structures, 425 and 413 metres high, respectively.

The latest project by Emaar developers, which is currently being built and scheduled for completion in 2027, must also be higher than Burj Azizi. With a height of 450 metres, this tower in Dubai Marina aims to become the highest residential clock tower globally.

The Developer Behind Burj Azizi

Leading and creative real estate developer in the United Arab Emirates, Azizi Developments creates elegant, contemporary, and comfortable luxury homes and commercial buildings in Dubai. Whether it is for business, personal use, or an investment plan for a high return on investment (ROI), investors with varying budgets can choose the property that best suits their needs and requirements thanks to its strategic location in desirable locations of the Emirate.

Azizi Developments is one of the best developers in the Emirate; their thoughtfully planned homes combine the modern and futuristic with the traditional aspects of Dubai to create an aesthetically beautiful and seductive appearance.

Additionally, every Azizi unit’s location provides incredibly beneficial access to essential parts of the Emirate, making it simple for residents and guests to get where they’re going, whether they use public transportation or their car.

Why Investing in Burj Azizi Is a Better Idea

Due to its prime location and cutting-edge infrastructure, Dubai’s Emaar developers have drawn the attention of international associations and corporations. The city’s freehold property ownership, Golden Visa programme, and rapid population expansion attract entrepreneurs worldwide.

There was a meagre 10% increase in house prices between mid-2021 and mid-2022. Well-known developer Sobha Realty prioritised sustainability and connected investments to Dubai’s goal of being an environmentally conscious city.

Because Burj Azizi is located on Sheikh Zayed Road, important downtown locations are easily accessible. In other words, Sheikh Zayed Road connects the city’s many areas and passes through significant sites, acting as a crucial conduit. Metro stations nearby enhance accessibility and travel convenience even more.

Easy Payment Schedule Options

The mixed-use building Located on Sheikh Zayed Road is Azizi’s 22-story residential skyscraper, Burj Azizi Tower. You can reserve a unit with a small down payment and a flexible payment schedule. With this payment plan, it’s easy to reserve and buy your dream house in one of Dubai’s most desirable neighbourhoods.

A few Basic Amenities

High-end and equipped with the latest features, services, and amenities, Burj Azizi Tower on Sheikh Zayed Road is an ideal choice for real estate buyers, tourists, and business travellers alike. Portions set out specifically to allow inhabitants to use facilities and services uninterrupted. Among the top attributes & conveniences are:

  • Gym
  • Parking Space
  • Gardens & Parks
  • Meeting Spaces
  • Yoga and meditation
  • stores Mall
  • basketball courts for outdoor sports
  • dining areas and shopping

The Burj Azizi Tower’s location on Sheikh Zayed Road provides convenient access to essential downtown locations. In other words, Sheikh Zayed Road connects the city’s many areas and passes through significant sites, acting as a crucial conduit. Metro stations nearby enhance accessibility and travel convenience even more.

The Charges of Payment While Investing in the Azizi Project

Buying a unit you can afford significantly improves your financial situation. Azizi Developments offers affordable houses without compromising quality or location, so you don’t have to worry about going over budget. For example, you may buy a property in Creek Views for as low as Dh522,000.

The only thing needed to buy a rental property is to pay the 1% booking fee. Payment options are tailored to your needs and may result in monthly payments that are less expensive than your rental cost.

Any real estate investor worth their salt will tell you that timely project completion and well-built properties are the primary factors in their selection. Azizi Developments is well known for completing development assignments on schedule and for placing a strong focus on both building competence and planning.

This is demonstrated by the upcoming handover of Azizi Aliyah, a 470-million-dirham residential tower located in the healthcare zone of the Centre of Dubai. Farhad Azizi, the CEO of Azizi Developments, said that he is pleased that he can continue on our current path of meeting our deadlines for finishing the project.

The Conclusion

The new off-plan projects strive to be an incredibly client-centric developer by placing its clients at the core of all of its decision-making. Customers are the driving force behind Azizi Developments’ activities and the reason for its success. They constantly improve the customer experience in several ways, such as by investigating their needs and tailoring their offerings to suit them, supporting their customer service staff, and fostering closer relationships with clients.

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Falcon Premier is a Dubai-based real estate company. Qualified professionals with real estate training manage it. Falcon Premier offers assistance for both planned and off-plan real estate investments.

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